Thursday, January 29, 2015

Morning routine

Sometimes your day begins like this 

and you are barely able to get together these for breakfast

And some other day you day starts of like this

And you can accommodate all of these in the morning

But either way we do try to pack some lunch

What is your morning routine like..?

Guts and glory

Curly hair: Previously hated. Now, don’t care…!

Dark circles: Forever will hate. Thank God for concealer. Maybe…sometime in the future….won’t care..!
Alright folks. You’ve heard the line, “No guts, No glory!” There’s something empowering about confronting a very personal fear, big or small. For us, it’s our “undone” faces. Now that it’s out there, maybe we don’t have to buy a carton of concealer every few months. Anyone wanting to join us? Do you have the Guts?! Are you ready to be Glorious?!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Our first post

like cutting people.
I like tying people up.
To clarify: I am a General Surgeon.
To classify: I am a Breast Cancer and an Oncoplastic Surgeon.
To justify: I love it

Yes I love my job. I have been working for close to two years now and as I was discussing with my best friend, who is a child psyhicatrist we both realized that it took a lot of hard work, memorizing, test taking, physical labor, and training to get where we are. But learning things related directly to the medical aspects of our jobs was relatively easy. It was all the other aspects of becoming smart, always classy, usually organized, typically fun-loving, mostly fashionable, generally well behaved, occasionally aggressive, sometimes sassy, rarely grumpy and never untrustworthy professional women that was hard.
We have both been blessed with very loving and caring families who gave it all they had to make our dreams come true, teach us and equip us with knowledge and morals to handle ourselves. And not to seem petty, but we had no real role models of women who were in the professional field that we could reach out when faced with issues that a woman would have.
Thus came the idea for the blog. It is mostly our attempt to share our life outside of medicine, some lessons we have learned, are learning and planning to someday learn while we continue to work in our day jobs. As we begin this journey we also request and encourage input from fellow bloggers and look forward to the adventures we will all have.
P.S: The photo was taken on our graduation night from residency together and seemed perfect for this beginning. Account of the night to follow in a future blog.