Sunday, February 8, 2015

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a week away and as I plan for a gift for my husband ,I would like to dedicate this post and introduce you all to my husband Dr Ras Malai (nickname based on one of my favorite Indian desserts)

Valentine's Day has a very special place in my life. Being a  hopeless bollywood romantic there is the usual importance associated with it that I share with the rest of the world. The other reasons are that my husband and I met for the first time on that day, we had our first date on the same day and a year late we got married on Valentine's Day too.
I thought it was a good planned coincidence that would guarantee that neither of us would ever forget the date in future for any of those compatibility competitions. My sister did try to convince me to choose a different wedding date. Her reasoning: I am going to have one gift for Valentine's Day and not three seperate gifts for each individual occasion.
But my sweet husband has had no trouble in keeping up with the anticipated hype of the gift. And thus, making my quest and task of finding his gift that much more difficult.
I feel my situation is like an episode of Big Bang Theory where sheldon has to buy a gift for penny and based on his reasoning confidently buys multiple gift baskets with the idea that one of them would be able to match hers. But when gifted a napkin autographed by leonard nimoy from penny he is left speechless.I think my situation is pretty much like Sheldon..
To better describe it let me give you a brief background on some gifts from my sweet husband and how I happen to have my collection of purses that come in a purse.
There was the coach purse for my first mothers day.

Then there was the time, when with the help of Dr All About Style he surprised me with my first prada. I was a stay at home mom at that time and I was away on my first conference. He was taking care of our nine month old son alone for two full days. At end of day two, he said he just fully realised and comprehended all that I did for our son and wanted me to know how he felt.

And then Louis joined the bunch last year. After looking in four malls I had found my perfect Little Black Purse but could not get myself to spend the money. Two months later I see it on my shelf on valentine’s day.

And that brings me to this year’s gift. I come home from work after a long day and I have this sexy bottega waiting for me. Something I had looked at and wanted but could not justify to myself to buy it. And the reason for getting my gift early..: I am going to be away in new york for a girls weekend with Dr Style and he wanted to make sure I have it with me.

This in no way means that I only appreciate expensive gifts.. It's the thought that counts.. What I see in my husband is the ability to recognize and discover my wish list and then make it happen for me. His intention to show with his actions, that even though I might hesitate and think that I do not need to splurge and spoil myself , he disagrees and wants to shower me with all that and more.

So ladies now you understand the pressure on me for the next few days to plan and purchase something equally special.

And on that note there is one week left and I wish you all good luck in figuring out ways to make this valentine special for your significant other.

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