Friday, March 27, 2015


 One of the the many privileges of being a surgeon is inheriting the title of  the "Operating room DJ".  Being that I love music and pretty much all kinds of music with a good beat: pop, dance, R & B, hip hop, bollywood, country, rock, alternative, soul, rap, jazz, instrumental, and more; I was more than excited about it when I  graduated and started my job.

Music can have a very powerful effect, it can bring out emotions, it can bring out talent, it can stir up memories, it can wipe out memories, it can soothe wounds and it can dig out excellence. So this was a big deal for me. And just like any other show the first act has to be phenomenal.  It sets the stage, the mood and makes an impression. I had always wondered what song I would choose to begin my day.

Also Music without dance is like peanut butter without jelly.
It was not always easy for me to dance in front of people because I was very insecure about it. But encouragement from Dr Style really helped me build my confidence. And watching Ellen DeGeneres really helped me understand the power of dance. Back in the day when I was going through a very tough time waiting to get into a surgical residency, the only way I could get out of bed to make phone calls for job interviews was by watching Ellen, her audience and her DJ Tony dance together. I would be able to momentarily forget all the worries in the world and manage to get a lot of work done. I am also thankful to Ellen for giving me an opportunity to be a part of her audience in 2005 and experience it first hand.

So when I heard Pharell’s “Happy” I had love at first sound. This was it.. It was the song I was looking for. The song with the right beat and tempo that I think is capable of making anybody move their body to it and feel "happiness". It helps me to channelize and bring positivity in my operating room as I prepare to remove somebody’s cancer. It also helps me to share the positivity with my team. Despite of any worries or situations that might have happened outside the operating room for any of us, the song is a reminder to be happy and to focus on giving our best to the patient. As the song plays, I do a quick dance step with my staff, do my short prayer, I feel invigorated and I am ready to do my part as the surgeon.

Please feel free to leave a comment on what would be the song to start your day..?

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